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>> For ambitious, highly sensitive and empathic women. <<

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Quickly move past the 

LIMITING BELIEFS that are preventing you 

from manifesting your BEST 

life, business, or career for

more ABUNDANCE, energy, 

& self-acceptance.

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Hi! My name's Amunet Burgueno

I can help you change your life for the better. 

I've got insider information about the BEST, most reliable way to manifest the life, business, or career you've always wanted. 

I’m a master hypnotist, business coach, creator of Cosmic Alchemy Energy Healing™ and The Real Manifesting Process™.

I’ve done well over 1500 deep level hypnosis sessions, and I specialize in regression with a focus on trauma. 

I’ve worked with every issue imaginable in the hypnosis sessions I’ve conducted, including spiritual issues. 

I’ve conducted past life regressions, higher self connections, and spiritual releasement.

I’ve supported over 100,000 with spirituality and their spiritual awakening, 

and I’ve gone through a Kundalini awakening myself, so I really get spirituality 

and what comes along with it - including manifesting

Often, my clients would come to me expressing their frustration with manifesting. 

They were following the Law of Attraction diligently. And even though they manifested some things, when it didn't work for them, they would shame and blame themselves.

Here's what they told me they tried:

  • Being more positive by focusing on positive thoughts
  • Saying more affirmations
  • Meditating more
  • Raising their vibration
  • BE-ing in the energy of what they want
  • Cutting cords
  • Self-help books

They were stuck in limbo, which led to inconsistent results, 

frustration, and even exhaustion.

That's because the law of attraction isn't real. 

It’s riddled with holes. Holes that will ultimately steal your joy and sabotage your efforts.
But being a human being with a subconscious mind is real. 

And that's where real significant change takes place. 

Do You Realize That You Have a Goldmine 

Between Your Ears?

It's possible to use 90% more of your mind's power to easily manifest 

your goals and feel great. And once you activate your subconscious mind, 

it will help you manifest on autopilot.

Everything changed for my clients once they 

tapped into the power of their subconscious mind.

They were able to:

  • Double their income
  • Create the business of their dreams, increase their prices, or get a raise
  • Find their dream partner
  • Leave unhealthy situations and relationships
  • Transform and heal their past
  • Feel calm, relaxed, and in control
  • Create a life that supports their deepest desires
  • Overcome creative blocks
  • Finally, feel truly happy 

Let me lead the way...

>> It's possible to turn Your 

SUBCONSCIOUS MIND Into A High Performing Manifesting Machine <<

I've created your Real Manifesting™ Toolkit to help you activate your subconscious mind and engage your spiritual energy. 

Previously, I've only shared these resources with my private clients, but I'd love to make this available to you today.

As a highly sensitive and empathic woman, you take your personal and spiritual development very seriously.

And that's why your Real Manifestation™ Toolkit is perfect for you.

Here's what's in your Real Manifesting™ Toolkit:

 > Spiritual Energy Management For Easier Manifesting <

Gift #1 Cosmic Geometric Alchemy™ Advanced Energetic Protection & Manifesting Technique.

You'll receive a step-by-step guide and meditation that walks you through the powerful process I've previously only shared with my private clients.

They were able to stop absorbing negativity, felt much better, and it made their manifesting easier.

Gift #2 Spiritual Awakening and Empath Hypnotic Meditations

You'll receive 5 hypnotic meditations that will help you elevate your consciousness, balance a spiritual awakening, and clear negativity. 

> Mind Management For Easier Manifesting <

Gift #3 Subconscious Mind Activation Exercises

Manifesting becomes SO much easier when you build your subconscious beliefs to support your desires. This is much different from thinking positive thoughts.

Most of our thoughts are outside of our conscious awareness. We have anywhere from 7,000 to 40,000 thoughts per day, and we are consciously aware of a fraction of them. 

But we can activate our subconscious mind to build core beliefs that will generate more supporting thoughts towards our dreams and desires. 

Here are the areas that we'll focus on:

  • Money 
  • Love and relationships
  • Health and wellness
  • Life purpose

Gift #4  This is a surprise gift that will help you welcome in your perfect future!

  • Create your perfect future
  • Become the best version of yourself
  • Become more empowered
  • Become the architect of your reality
  • Tune into your soul's message for your life, career, or business

Are you ready to up level your manifesting?

>>> Up level your manifesting game now. <<<

Quickly move past the

LIMITING BELIEFS that are preventing 

you from manifesting your BEST

life, business, or career for

more ABUNDANCE, energy,

& self-acceptance.

Get instant access to your FREE 

Real Manifesting™ toolkit.

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